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Max transducer line - (stands for "Module Analogique Xérus")

Xerus setup

A broad line of transducer for difficult measurements

The basement of an efficient measurement system is the transducer.

Max1401 - Angular transducer to measure aerodynamic angles

Angular transducer alone Key parameters:
Very low rotational resistance
Precision better than .5 degree over +/-20°
resolution better than .05 degree with Xerus data management system
diameter 25mm
Analog output
3.3V supply


Max1025 - Traction sensor to measure winch up in flight

Force transducer

Key parameters:
- 40 Kg full scale measurement range
- rugged construction
- 3 to 5 V supply
- Mechanichal interface: M4

Max1010 - Air speed pitot with sensor

AirspeedsensorKey parameters:

- differential pressure measurement from static and total pressure
- 5 to 100 m/S speed range
- wide angle of attack 
- 4mm pitot diameter

Max2205 - 5 Hz GPS receiver

GPS receiver

Key parameters:

- Latest GPS technology

- combines speed and precision

Max1601-50 - High G transducer

Hygh G accelerometerKey parameters:

- 50g full scale measurement

- 2 simultaneaous axis

Max3100 - 433  16 channels emitter

Max1900 - magnetic Rpm transducer

Max2400 - RC system current transducer

Max1800 - power plant current transducer

Contact us and submit your needs if you don't find a transducer that fits your expectations


Related Readings:

Related Readings:

ImageFlight measurement setup with our Max1025 traction sensor to investigate during the zoom on an F3B model  in collaboration with  Patrick Médard

High G zoomIn flight measurement acceleration with our Max1601-50 High G transducer during the zoom on an F3B model  in collaboration with  Patrick Médard. 27.2 G measured during the zoom

F3B Radical gliderFlight test report  of Airspeed measurement during an F3B zoom in collaboration with  Patrick Médard

71 m/s(255 km/h) peak airspeed achieved during the zoom  phase of the flight