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General questions

A new dimension in RC flying. You can now pilot with both the visual view of the model and the instruments. Confortably displays in your field of view the informations transmitted by Xérus system. Current displayed data can be switched from your emitter.  

Xerus questions

Q1.The connectors used on the Xerus system are very tiny. Are they strong enough?

A1.The size of the connectors is a prime element of the global size of the system. The price to pay for a very small system is to have some attention when manipulating these connectors. When properly used, the experience is that they are really reliable and reasonably sturdy.

You should refer to the mounting caution part of the Xerus documentation for the manipulation.

-         Do not twist the cable within 2 cm of the connector’s end (this is a must)

-         To connect: insert gently perpendicularly the extremity of the connector, then push it forward in position with your nail.

-         To disconnect: grip firmly the complete set of wire (never pull by one or 2 wires) and pull in the perpendicular and level connection.

With these cautions, you will have a long service life as we have experienced.

If by malchance, one connector is worn out, we can provide spare connectors.


Lynx questions

Q1. Is there any risk for my eyes looking though the Lynx Xérivision cap in direction of the sun.

A1: It is always a risk to look in the direction of the sun and you should prohibit that. The Lynx Xérivision cap does not increase at all this risk as the light from the sun is not collimated into your eyes. The semi transparent mirror even offers a (slight) decrease of the sunlight intensity and thus decreases (slightly) this risk. Your can wear sunglasses with the Lynx Xerivision  cap without loss of readability and comfort.

Q2. Is there any risk for my eyes in case if not looking into the sun?

The light level reflected by the semi transparent mirror is not higher than the outdoor light level. You can judge of that when looking toward a sun illuminated bright white cloud. It is just at the same level or slightly higher at the points where a led is lit.

In any case it is not a laser light.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use it more than two hours continuously. For indoor use, it is recommended to adapt the device light intensity accordingly.


Q3. Is there any other risk related to the Lynx cap?

A3: Yes, as with any hardware equipped with a collimating device (even you corrective glasses), there is a risk associated with the concentration of light from high sunlight.

For the cap itself, the worst case is to burn the screen, which is the less dramatic. But you can set fire if let unattended on the rear roof of your car or if you left it under the sun in a dry area. If the lens is folded, as it should be when at rest, there is absolutely no risk.

There is also a risk of misuse of the Lynx cap. This device is intended to be used during control of RC models: planes, boat, cars. For any other use such as driving a car, you mustb have the written permission of the relevant authorities. Xerivision is not liable in any misuse of his products.

Q4. Why don't you provide full graphic information display?.

A4:There is no strong technical  limitation to provide graphics display. Providing digital display is a choice. There are severalgood reason to do so:

- first when piloting RC airplane there is no lack of analog information from the plane. We are all trained to pilot with the analogical visual information provided by the attitude, the speed, the movements of the air plane. We use it to estimate the behaviour, the trajectory, the trajectory. We mostly lack of accurate, detailed, good resolution data. The Lynx HUD is done to fill that need. In certain cases we will provide a bargraph if necessary.

- second, we took care to limit the visual load of the pilot. In large airplane accident history, a number of them have as root cause an overload of the capacity of analyse of the crew by an inappriopriate high number of information and alarm.

This also correspond to our experience after trying several types of display., this this the solution that gives more agreement.

Q5. Why don't you provide more than one information at a time?

A5: The answer is similar to the answer Q4. There is almost no limitation  to the number of information displayed. 

There is a tradeoff between readability, visual workload and number of information.  Having one switchable information at a time is the most efficient way to pilot, confirmed by experience.  We want that piloting with a Lynx HUD be stiill a pleasure and not a burden.Thus the pilot can switch the display to the information appropriate to the current flight phase. If sufficiently strong arguments are provided then we wil adapt on this point.


FTS questions

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